Post Production Services for Multimedia Projects

The post production services of Baystate Interpreters, Inc turn your multimedia presentation or video into a final product.

Our experienced audio engineers will deliver improved sound quality of all recordings from training, commercial , e-learning courses, documentaries and other multimedia presentations.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc enhances the audio by adjusting complex setting such as eq,aux's, buses and plf's in order to make the final product as clear and pleasing as can be provided.  These acronyms are just a few that our engineers will apply to ensure you are satisfied with the final product.

Voice Over Post Production Services

Value-Added Voice Over Services

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. post production services also include subtitling in English or other alphabets. We localize non-English subtitles to fit the on-screen action and context. The Baystate staff pre-production analysis will discuss your requirements and expose additional

Our voice over solutions begin before we even set foot in the studio. Translators are available in more than 150 languages to render the copy into one or more languages. Our script preparation services include adapting translated scripts to best fit time constraints while maintaining its meaning.

Our professional voice talent is available in more than 150 languages and dialects. We offer recording studios and experienced audio engineers, or we can arrange a live feed to or from your production facility.

When your project is complete, the duplication services by our audio engineers will provide you with clear, high-quality copies.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers graphic design and DTP services for the layout or packaging of your film or multimedia presentation.

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