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Professional Certification of Legal Transcripts

If your transcription will be used as a legal document, you need a certified transcription from Baystate Interpreters, Inc..

Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides the certification you require along with the reliability that has made us an industry leader for more than a decade.

Certified Transcription

Certified Transcriptions?

Certification of your transcription authenticates the document so it is accepted by governments, universities and organizations across the US and around the world. The certification allows for the document to be used as an official copy. 

Organizations may have company specific requirements for certification. Baystate Interpreters, Inc. will meet all specifications for your project. This reduces the risk of fraud– and increases your confidence in our services.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers transcription from more than 20 formats and specializes in recordings with one or multiple voices.

What Transcriptions Need To Be Certified?

Transcriptions of legal proceedings often must be certified. These include:

  • hearings
  • depositions
  • pre-trial conferences
  • consensual recordings
  • surveillance tapes
  • witness interviews

No matter the subject of the transcript, the document may need to be certified if it will be used in a courtroom or another legal venue.

Additional Services for Certified Transcriptions

Our transcription services are offered not only in English, but also in more than 150 other languages and dialects.

Alternatively, Baystate Interpreters, Inc can provide a translation of your transcript by linguists who specialize in legal, medical, technical, financial or business subjects.

We also offer certified translations that are accepted by organizations and government agencies in the U.S. and around the world.

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