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Global Access: Anywhere any time

Telephonic interpreting from Baystate Interpreters, Inc puts the world at your fingertips, bridging communications quickly and efficiently.

Connect from any phone — More than 2,500 qualified telephonic interpreters provide clear, accurate communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With interpreters fluent in more than 150 languages and dialects, Baystate brings the world to you in seconds, not hours.

Speak with Experts — Our expert interpreters come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including the medical, legal, insurance, industrial and corporate fields. Whether you need assistance communicating with a hospital patient, business associate, attorney or emergency service provider, Baystate telephonic interpreters delivers a professional, accurate interpretation anytime and everytime.

No Specialized Equipment Necessary — Telephonic interpreting can be performed with the equipment you already have: a speakerphone, a conference call, or simply by passing a single handset back and forth between parties. For added convenience, high-volume customers can take advantage of dual-handset telephones.

Expedite Cross-Cultural Communication

Save Time with Easy Setup — To get started, simply call us at 1-888-663-8000 to register for telephonic interpreting services. We’ll provide you with a toll-free number and a unique PIN. Call the number, enter your PIN and provide the call coordinator with the language desired. An interpreter will be on the line soon — usually within 60 seconds!

Get the Interpreter You Need with Live Customer Service — Instead of relying on an automated system to match you to an interpreter, Baystate uses only live call coordinators. Every call is answered by a real person who connects you to a qualified interpreter in the language and area of expertise you specify.

Value added service— If you need help identifying a language for interpretation, our coordinators can assist you. Call coordinators are trained to determine the language being spoken and to connect you to an appropriate interpreter when a match has been located.

Save Money with Low Rates and Volume Discounts

Pay Only for What You Need — Calls are charged on a flat, per-minute rate, regardless of call length! We can also conference in a third party if needed, for a small additional charge per minute.

Speak to Clients in Their Language — No matter what language you need, from Albanian to Vietnamese, telephonic interpreting is available at excellent rates. Simply provide us with a date, time and language for your telephonic interpreting needs, and we’ll reserve an interpreter just for you.

Translate Volume into Savings — Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers custom contracts for high-volume clients. If you need telephonic interpreting services on a regular basis, we can save you money with a discounted rate.

Who Should Use Telephonic Interpreting?

Telephonic interpreting is used in situations that don’t allow for face-to-face interpreting. Whether time, distance or cost prohibit the use of a live interpreter, telephonic interpreting provides a convenient, fast way to communicate.

We always suggest using face-to-face interpreting whenever possible, as visual cues and non-verbal communication factors into any interaction. However, you may not have a Kirundi interpreter in your area, or an emergency might necessitate an immediate response. For these and similar scenarios, telephonic interpreting is the next best solution.

Interpreters for Hospitals, Schools, Government & Business

The telephonic interpreters of Baystate Interpreters, Inc are experts in their fields, with years of training not only as a linguist, but also within a professional discipline.

When you call for interpretation services, we match you with an experienced interpreter in the language — and industry — you specify. This means that you’ll always have a qualified medical interpreter for health care-related calls, a legal interpreter for courtroom calls, as well as experts in a wide range of professional fields, from banking to engineering to retail marketing.

By using only highly-trained specialists, Baystate Interpreters, Inc saves you time and money through greater efficiency. Our subject experts are well-versed in the specialized vocabulary of their fields — which means less time spent looking up new or unfamiliar terms, and a smoother interpreting experience for all parties.

Additional Interpreting Services

In addition to our fast-response telephonic interpreting service, Baystate provides on-site interpreting solutions for those occasions that require a personal presence, from courtroom hearings to independent medical examinations to multilingual business conferences.

Consecutive interpreting accommodates both formal and informal settings, such as court proceedings, hospital visits and parent-teacher conferences. A proceeding with consecutive interpretation will require additional time because all other speakers are silent as the linguist interprets each response.

Simultaneous interpreting, also called conference interpreting or UN-style interpreting, is used for business meetings, symposiums, conferences and nearly any event that requires interpretation into more than one language. Through the use of sophisticated audio equipment, the interpretation takes place as the words are spoken — not after.

For meetings, conventions and presentations of all kinds, Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides world-class interpreting and the specialized conference equipment that makes it possible. From soundproof booths to wireless headsets, the audio engineers of Baystate set up and monitor the necessary equipment so you don’t have to.

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