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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Professional Interpreting Since 2001

Whether you need simultaneous interpretation services in one language or several, Baystate Interpreters, Inc Services is your one-stop shop.

We offer not only professional linguists for virtually any situation, but also the simultaneous interpretation equipment you need to make any meeting a success.

Technical, Medical, Financial, Legal & Business Interpreters

Simultaneous interpretation is preferred for formal settings, including conferences, annual meetings, live performances and broadcasts. It is sometimes called conference interpreting or UN-style interpreting because of its use during diplomatic meetings.

The interpreters of Baystate Interpreters, Inc are available around the world in more than 150 languages and dialects, and many have a specialized vocabulary acquired from years of experience in technical, medical, financial, legal and other business fields.

Simultaneous interpretation renders a speech from a target language into a source language in real time. For many proceedings, this requires simultaneous interpretation equipment such as wireless headphones and soundproof booths that allow the interpreter to see the speaker and watch for non-verbal forms of communication.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc also specializes in two other forms of conference interpretation: portable interpreting and whisper-concurrent interpreting.

For portable interpreting assignments such as tours and visits, we offer not only our professional interpreters, but also wireless and infrared interpretation equipment.

Whisper-concurrent interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpretation that requires no equipment but is appropriate only for groups of 1 or 2 people. The linguist quietly interprets the speech by whispering it into the ears of the group.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers simultaneous interpretation equipment for venues and gatherings of any size, from meetings to conferences.

Soundproof booths, wireless receivers and microphones will ensure that interpretations of the highest quality are available to speakers of other languages. In addition, portable interpretation equipment and conference equipment such as audiovisual systems, projectors and voting booths are available for sale or rental.

Our conference services include the availability of experienced audio engineers who can install and maintain the equipment and even record your proceedings on-site. Our engineers also can permanently install the equipment inside your venue.

Additional Interpreting Services

Along with simultaneous interpretation, Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers two other interpreting formats: consecutive and telephonic.

Consecutive interpreting is used in both formal and informal settings, including legal hearings, medical exams and parent-teacher conferences. A proceeding with consecutive interpretation will be twice as long because all other speakers are silent as the linguist interprets each response.

Telephonic interpreting is offered in order to facilitate communication when on-site interpreters are not available. Interpreting by telephone is preferred only in remote locations and emergency situations because it is the least exact type of interpreting. In addition to our on-demand interpreting calls, we have also developed specialized telephonic solutions in order to best meet your needs.

Need other language services? Baystate Interpreters, Inc offers:

  • transcription from more than 20 types of analog, digital & electronic formats
  • translation of legal, medical, technical, financial and other business and personal documents
  • voice overs for commercials, documentaries, e-learning courses and other presentations

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