Consecutive Interpreting Services

Interpreting for Groups of All Sizes

If you need interpreters for one-on-one meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, investigations or conferences, Baystate Interpreters, Inc. has consecutive interpreters with experience in the field you need.

With more than 8,000 qualified interpreters, Baystate Interpreters, Inc. trained linguists are available wherever and whenever you need them. 

Medical, Legal, Technical & Business Proceedings

Consecutive interpreting is the most common form of interpreting used in both formal and informal settings.

In formal settings, the linguist interprets in the first person and renders the exact meaning of each sentence as closely as possible. Often, these appointments are legal or involve specific procedures for investigations, insurance statements, 51A or other interviews which may or may not be recorded.  Informal settings allow the interpreter to interact with both speakers in order to clarify the meanings of each to ensure the intended message is clear and understood across the language divide.

A consecutive interpreter must be fluent in both languages that will be spoken. After one person speaks, the interpreter renders this into a second language, such as English. A second person speaks in English, and then the interpreter renders this back into the first speakers native language.

A meeting that uses consecutive interpreting can be twice as long as the same meeting in a single language or one using simultaneous interpreting. This is because all speakers must stop as a consecutive interpreter renders each response.  Our interpreters are trained to provide professional guidance and/or act as the moderator in such circumstances to ensure proper communication is provided and no content is missed.

Consecutive interpreting is often used for small groups and in one-on-one situations, such as depositions, medical consultations, business meetings, interviews and parent-teacher conferences.

Consecutive Interpreting Equipment

Baystate Interpreters, Inc provides conference and interpreting equipment for proceedings of all sizes.

Microphones, wireless headsets, projectors and screens can make your conference, hearing, exam or other meeting proceed smoothly in two or more languages.

Conference services from Baystate Interpreters, Inc include the availability of professional audio engineers who will set up and monitor the equipment on-site. In addition, we can install permanent equipment in your venue.

Additional Interpreting Services

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. offers two other forms of interpreting: simultaneous and telephonic.

Simultaneous interpretation is preferred for formal settings, including court proceedings, diplomatic conferences, meetings and conventions. The interpreter renders the spoken word from the source language into a target language in real time, and all listeners hear the interpretation at once. Simultaneous interpreting often requires equipment including soundproof booths,microphones, wireless receivers, etc..

Telephonic interpretation can be used for emergency situations or tight deadlines, or in cases where an on-site interpreter isn’t available. Telephonic interpreting is the least expensive type of interpreting, but it also is the least exact because it excludes non-verbal communication and audio degradation.  These factors can result in less efficient communication and extend the time needed beyond an in-person service.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are available in more than 150 languages and dialects and are preferred for most occasions. Telephonic interpreting can meet your needs for confirmation calls, remote locations or emergency situations.

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