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Professional Certified Translations

When a certified translation is required, Baystate Interpreters, Inc. will provide an accurate authenticated certified copy when you need it.  

Every certified translation from Baystate Interpreters, Inc becomes a legal record accepted by governmental agencies, professional organizations, colleges and universities throughout the US.

What Is a Certified Translation?

An accurate translation renders a document from one language into another. A certified translation is provided by a qualified professional translator. Once they have completed the assigned project our firm authenticates that document and a registered Notary Public witnesses this process and places their seal onto the project.

With a certified translation from Baystate Interpreters, Inc., you have assurance that the document is a legal record and will be accepted by courts, colleges and other institutions in the U.S. and around the world.

Some organizations have their own requirements for certified translations. Baystate Interpreters, Inc. follows the most stringent requirements, and our professional linguists attest to the accuracy of the translation. This diminishes the possibility of fraud and allows the document to be accepted as a true copy of the original.

Certified translations are available in more than 150 languages. If your certified translation must follow required framework, please let us know.

What Documents Require a Certified Translation?

Federal and State Government Departments such as immigration and courts often require certification of birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as visa, immigration and customs’ documents.

Certified translations of academic transcripts and diplomas are essential for academic institutions, evaluation agencies and other organizations reviewing your coursework.

Employers, businesses may also request certified translations of your letters of recommendation, passport, medical records or financial documents.

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Thousands upon thousands of legal professionals, businesses, students and other clients around the world depend on Baystate Interpreters, Inc. for their certified translations. You will too.

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