Copy & Designs for Audiences in 150+ Languages

Localization and internationalization require in-depth knowledge of speciality, language, culture and design.

Our clients trust the specialists of Baystate Interpreters, Inc. with the localization and internationalization of documents, presentations, sales and marketing, websites and software in more than 150 languages.

If your target audience has well defined standards and specific policy and procedures they adhere to.   We will pair your project with our skilled staff with the cultural understanding and experience necessary deliver the highest quality copy.

Localization & Internationalization

Why Localize?

To reach international markets, speaking their language is just the beginning. If customers can find your website or advertisement but can’t understand your offer, you may have just wasted your time and money.  A culturally sensitive approach will gain trust and understanding.  In the U.S., smoking is discouraged greatly by government regulations, taxes and public scutiny. However, european and asian markets can successfully role out an ad campaign and reach the target audience by including tobacco use when applicable.

Localization consists of adapting advertisements, documents and files as well as graphic design for a specific audience.  The language is one piece of a puzzle that if completed will achieve the desired result.

Facts to consider:

  • English represents only 30% of all Internet users..
  • Visitors stay at a website twice as long if it is in their native language.
  • The Internet is used in a language other than English by more than 100 million people.
  • Asia represents 36.4% of all Internet users.

Translation into 150+ Languages

The professional translators of Baystate Interpreters, Inc. are available in more than 150 languages and dialects to localize copy of your websites, advertisements or other documents.

Baystate Interpreters, Inc. has experience in legal, medical, technical, financial, advertising or business subjects, you can depend on our team to have the expertise in the terminology and culture of the specific field.

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