Best Careers

January 16, 2012

Best Careers 2011: Interpreter/Translator

As one of the 50 Best Careers of 2011, this should have strong growth over the next decade

The rundown:

Pharmaceutical inserts, instruction manuals, and textbooks—these are just a few of the documents that translators rework in English or other languages. At courthouses around the country and conferences throughout the world, interpreters help people of different tongues communicate. While both interpreters and translators convert one language into another, interpreters work with the spoken word, and translators the written word. But choosing this occupation means learning more than a foreign language; you also must thoroughly understand the subject you're communicating about. You'll relay not only words, but complicated concepts and ideas, as well as the cultural subtleties that accompany them.

Interpreters and translators specialize in a variety of fields, including medical, judiciary, literary, or sign-language. About a quarter are self-employed, and many translators work from home.

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